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5.0 out of 5 stars   Hooked on Phonics: Kindergarten system ,  March 31, 2013
By  Jeannie S. (California, United States)

I purchased this to work with my Grandson. We only work with this system 1-2 hours per week sometimes we skip a week and it has made a huge difference for him in his confidence and with reading anything!’

He loves putting on the stickers on the game chart after reading a short easy book!
I wish they had this system when my son was growing up years ago!
We tried doing this without the c.d.’s but everything works together really well. This also was the cheepest that I found it anywhere, let alone the safest online ordering I think! :0)

5.0 out of 5 stars   Taught Me How To Read ,  March 4, 2012
By  Tracee (Tracee Virginia, United States)

Back when this program was still on cassette, my mom found it at a yard sale. She brought it home, and let me (age 4) play it. Very quickly in the program, it clicked for me that letters had sounds, and that together these letters made words. The Hooked on Phonics program includes pictures that support the reading (a cat next to the word “c-a-t”, for instance), and the lessons work a kid incrementally (starting with a ‘Cat with a bat and a hat”), until suddenly the child is reading legitimate books with ease. The program also does a good job of building up the young reader’s self-confidence.

My mom would get mad at me, telling me the instructions said I should repeat and repeat the same lessons over until I had mastered it. I ignored her, popping in cassette after cassette and learning from each one. Funny thing was, the program worked so well, that by the end of the first ten lessons or so I was suddenly able to read!

When I have kids, this is the program I will turn to first when teaching them how to read.

5.0 out of 5 stars   Perfect for our Family ,  December 13, 2011
By  Brie C. (Colorado, USA)

I am a homeschooling parent. I was hesitant to start the HOP program as it’s not considered a “good” program by the experts who work with dyslexic kids. The child I was interested in using it with is at least moderately dyslexic. But my husband (also at least mildly dyslexic) convinced me to give it a try. We struggled through the K set, but every time I’d consider a different curriculum, I’d peruse it and know that a) it would be too complicated for my son and/or b) too boring. So we stuck it out with HOP K. He made it through – slowly – it took about 1 year, but he DID do it! Yeay!

Then we started the 1st grade program. Woah…it was quite a step up already but, again, we stuck it out, not using the CD at all (too slow moving and boring for him) but really plugging away at the book and site words. I added in more site words as time went on and also progressively taught him Romalda Spaulding’s 70 phonograms. He started to take off and actually enjoy reading, maybe, a little. Before I knew it, 6 months had passed and we were ready to complete the 1st grade curriculum! We are strong Christians, so I didn’t allow him to read the final book in the first grade set (about a ghost) but rather took the vocab and concepts and created a final book about our family having an adventure. He loved it. Okay, so on to HOP 2nd grade. He breezed through! Before I knew it, he completed the set and placed at upper 2nd grade/lower 3rd grade for reading pace, comprehension, fluency on various tests I gave him….this all in September, just as he was starting his 2nd grade year (at age 7.3).

I see a lot of folks brag about how their genius children made it through HOP 2nd grade by age 4, etc. and I’m happy for them, but I’m here to tell you that for this struggling learner who I wondered about EVER learning to read, HOP was the ticket. I’m now using the curriculum with my almost 6 year old. We just finished K and are starting 1st grade and he’s rolling right along easily. It looks like I may have another dyslexic fella down the line here (age 4.5) who I’m going to start on K as soon as possible and I have confidence that it will be a great curriculum for him to use as well. I love how HOP books and stories are cute and funny and fun. I love how I can use these sets with all my kids with their varying abilities and interests. I love how colorfully and easy to understand the lessons are laid out. I highly recommend HOP to anyone. Oh and yes, the original son I’m referring to IS dyslexic…it wasn’t a matter of him simply “being slow to start.” I’ve had to employ similar tough-it-out strategies for his writing and math writing (but not ability, he has a great math brain). I haven’t been as successful in these categories with him YET as I have been with the reading. So I’m praising God for HOP that at least this HUGE category of learning (reading) has gotten off to a great start where it otherwise could have been a very painful process for my son. Now he tells everyone that reading is his favorite subject!

Oh and I read a review that criticized HOP saying that you are required to get 5 years’ worth of sets in order to get your child reading. Nope. I do not have the Pre-K set and never used it (you can easily start with the K set – it starts with learning the letters, then the letter sounds…). And the whole series of K-2 took my dyslexic son just about 2 years. And that was with a kid who really STRUGGLED to learn to read. Sure certain concepts are not taught at the same time but hey, I was a Linguistics major in college – English is RIDICULOUS for its crazy rules and numerous exceptions. The HOP system works GREAT for my kids with a very tricky language. Most kids have an “unlocking the code” moment when they suddenly start charging through reading and the rules of their language just click and they don’t need to learn them actively anymore (they are internalized, even the ones they’ve never been taught before, or you teach the rule once and they suddenly get it). So if that happens for your child before the 1st or 2nd grade sets, then great. You cannot use the sets anymore or simply cruise through them to make sure the concepts are addressed. It happened for my son (amazing to me, really) near the end of the 1st grade set, but it still was quite helpful to go through the 2nd grade set, completing it in about a two month time period.

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